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Tuesday, December 1

Canned responses

First, Mary Beth Delarm responds to the news that her suit against the city over Beaver Pond Village was dismissed (this is presented exactly as it was emailed to me):

"Sadly, in this round, the justice system benefited the developers. As long as an unbalanced Planning Board, whose majority members are either realtors, adjoining property owners of proposed Projects, or friends of developers and buddies of those in political power (or are they one in the same?), this City will continue to have uncontrolled environmentally destructive growth and questionable tactics to achieve those means.

The $130,000 annual deficit which will result from Beaver Pond's poor sewage system will cause our already critical City Budget to dig into taxpayers pockets that are already empty.
With an extreme cut in Public Safety our current population is already at lifesaving risks. With Beaver Pond's 350 more residents and 86 plus new homes (not including those they plan abutting the Saratoga State Park), you can bet with certainty that our emergency forces cannot possibly respond in time to every single call throughout the City.
Developers and politicians don't care so much about property burning and saving lives in a timely manner--not as much as they do having control of the government. Wait till the lawsuits start pouring in when someone loses their homes or lives.
.Once the Planning Board voted for the Preliminary Subdivision approval last Spring, many neighbors 'had it' with the local government and put their house on the market. I don't blame them. We already have flooded streets. Imagine all those new Beaver Pond roads, homes, and driveways impervious surfaces replacing our watershed. Those trees are needed to filter our increasing air and water toxins. It'll be comparable to living in New York City's pollution. Again, the Planning Board majority doesn't call that a significant threat to the environment.
As hard as neighbors have worked for this environmental protection, some of us (are willing to work further with those that govern this City; but not if they continue to disregard SEQRA and the law. They just keep deliberating with unethical personal benefits pouring in, all while oblivious to the significant irreversible adverse environmental impacts and needs of the community (they are sworn to protect).
Years ago those in power said many times Beaver Pond Subdivision was a 'done deal". Watch to see how fast the two members who voted against the Project get booted off the Board . Keep tuned to see how quickly the Planning Board moves for the final subdivision vote to bulldoze the first few hundred trees along Geyser Road. Say so long to Saratoga Springs rural Greenbelt, recharged aquifer for clean wellwater, protected species and that historic home-town charm. Say hello to flooded basements, wetland properties, bumper to bumper traffic on Geyser Road/Route 50, higher taxes, including our school which will need more to benefit numerous new students, and more vehicle and pedestrian accidents along Geyser Road.

If one wishes to fight for keeping that critical 209 acres unique environmental wetlands, please write the DEC and Army Corps of Engineers who still needs to approve the Project.. You can call me for the email or postal addresses. .

Have a nice Holiday everyone."

Secondly, Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy III responds to Chief of Police Edward Moore's retirement (also presented exactly as submitted):

"Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy, III upon learning of Saratoga Springs City Police Chief Edward Moore's retirement said "Ed has always been a chief who places the men and women of his department above himself. In his noble effort to decrease the number of layoffs of the less senior and new probationary employees, he has resigned so that there will be some additional funds available to lessen the number of those laid off. He has always been a man of integrity, honesty, loyalty and dedication to the department. His actions have always been in the best interests of the department and today's resignation is no exception. Today, when he called to tell me he was resigning, he said how can he as a Chief sit by and watch a young female police officer with five children get laid off....he believed it would have been unconscionable for him to have stayed."
While Murphy tried to talk the chief out of leaving, it was clear he had made up his mind.
Murphy said " he is an honorable man who has done an honorable job. He will be missed. He has set the bar remarkably high. I admire him and the work of his department. I have had the privilege of serving side by side with him for the 21 years I've been in the district attorneys office. I hold him in the highest regard. He and I have worked hundreds of cases together including a number of homicides. He should be commended for the faithful performance of his duties and for taking the spirit and nature of his oath seriously, an oath he lives everyday."
DA Murphy pointed out that the Saratoga Springs Police Department has been used as the statewide standard for the development of best practices for the investigation and arrest of perpetrators of domestic violence and victim support services."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MBD's e-mail is so filled with inaccuracies and untruths I don't know which ones to pick out as the most egregious. The first paragraph is so insulting I'll just skip over it. Everyone who has not or has not been able to pay attention to the details should know that the PB spent over 5 years on this project and held open public comment way beyond what was required by law. In the end, the City has ordinances that guide development. The Green Belt does not allow the City to deny any project within, it merely streers the development toward maximum conservation of open space. This, to date, has not only been acheived by the current plan but extends beyond requirements. There are actually 2 parcels in the Beaver Pond proposal. One in the "Green Belt" (Rural Residential zone) and the other not. Nonetheless, the proposal incorporated many of the standards that normally apply only to the RR zone into the second parcel. Further, the developer is willing to bequeath physical property to some of the adjoining neighbors in the Crest to those who felt the need to extend their yards or buils out-buildings on property that technically didn't belong to them. I could go on and on. MBD's e-mail does nothing but spin the truth and fog reality. Interesting this is the same thing she accuses the City of doing. Finally, what exactly does she think Geiser Crest looked like before the developer who built her house came along. Yep, pristine forest.

December 3, 2009 at 1:39 PM 
Anonymous Livingston M. said...

The misinformed person responding on Beaver Pond is obviously annnoyed at the facts Delarm dished out. A review of this Project with a variety of Board members meandering in and out, it is not uncommon for any Planning Board on a Project this size to take a five years. This woman and many others have done extensive reserach during that time to provide evidence that the law has been flawed by the City and the Developers.
If Mr. Anonymous was knowledgable on the facts of the geological make-up of the Beaver Pond and surrounding property, he would KNOW that it indeed has a high groundwater table throughout, and Geyser Crest NEVER should have been built from the get go. That was a direct statement from a meeting neighbors attended held by Blue Neils, the stormwater coordinator for Saratoga County.
Speaking of go--why don't those sulking with the attorneys, go and get a life, and an education while they are at it! Maybe they would then truly learn about the environment; instead of sitting in their clustered city offices! Bet if they smelled some real clean air and facts, it might distort their normal thinking!
If the dummy who wrote the anonymous response thinks the developers are sustaining lots of green space, I've got some wetlands in the Everglades to sell you, that could be "filled in" for some wonderful highrises, like those along Broadway!
PS Don't think they are done with you yet!

December 7, 2009 at 6:25 PM 

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