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Monday, January 3

Front page: Cuomo, day three.

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great X-mas and New Year's! I was somewhat disappointed to return to see no comments on my Dec. 26 story on those working on Christmas Day. I spent a while perfecting the meter on that lede, c'est la vie.

There is already one comment on today's second in a series of end of 2010/start of 2011 interviews with City Council members. Stay tuned this week for the rest of the gang.

Saratoga Town Supervisor Thomas N. Wood III will takeover as Chairman of the County Board in 2011. [Gztte]

On to day three of the Cuomo administration; the new Gov. was lauded by good-government advocates for signing an executive order requiring his office personnel and others to attend ethics training by April. [CapCon]

His entrance to the office, a modest New Year's Eve ceremony, has not been without (minor) scandal. Cuomo's website was accidentally linked to a parody Twitter account. [TU, LoHud]

Other than "tweetgate", he is off to a fast start, removing barriers on Albany's State Street, getting to work on an emergency financial plan and planning a one year salary freeze for state workers. [TU, NY]

Cuomo will deliver the State of the State address on Wednesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this morning's published interview, Ken Ivins says he will decide on a re-election run in the Spring. What he really means is that he hopes to have a County job by then so he doesn't have to run.

He failed to deliver paid parking and the sale of the Lillian's lot last year AFTER putting the revenue in the 2010 budget. Now he wants to put a tax on SPAC admissions on the table. It will not happen. Period. SPAC will resist and its Board members have sway over the mayor and other Council members. It would take the adoption of a Home Rule message and action of the State Legislature and approval of the governor.

He has budgeted a wholly unrealistic $165,000 in Indoor Rec. fees and once it becomes obvious that we will now receive anywhere near that amount the money will have to be skimed from someplace else.

He budgeted $750,000 in anticipated revenue from the sale of Lillian's parking lot in 2011, after failing to sell it last year for $500,000. He just fails to recognize that you cannot budget revenue that has not been established.

Ivins talks about SIX retirements but fails to note the number of new positions in his budget, including a new $42,000 plus "clerk" on his department.

If he doesn't get a County political appointment he may have to run but he will have a tough time beating the candidate the Dems have come up with. And that assumes that the Republicans will nominate him. That becomes less and less likely.

January 3, 2011 at 11:08 AM 

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