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Thursday, January 20

Front page: Gillibrand and Gibson to accompany Obama to Schnectady, Gov's mandate relief team meets

Good morning!

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
will accompany President Barack Obama to Schenectady tomorrow. [Srtgn]

Troy officials offer reflections on preparing for Obama's Sept., 2009 trip. [Record]

County officials talked WiFi, timecards and spam at the first meeting of the Board of Supervisor's Technology Committee, chaired by Spa City Supervisor Matthew Veitch. [Srtgn, PstStr]

Down in Cap City; the state Senate voted to approve state spending limits and a provision requiring a 2/3 vote to create taxes in a series of what will likely end up as one-house bills. [AP via Record]

Gov. Cuomo is considering laying off up to 15,000 state workers in his executive budget. The senate announced Wednesday 130 staffers will get the boot. [NYT, TU/Cap Con]

Cuomo's "Mandate Relief Task Force" met for the first time Wednesday, with public employee pension reform being identified as a top issue. [WXXI, TU]

The Saratoga Springs City Council tabled a resolution Tuesday that will address mandate relief and property taxes when it returns for their Feb. 1 meeting. A website with a form for mandate relief suggestions is online at

In Washington; Congressman Chris Gibson was one of 245 House Members to vote on a bill to reform the health care bill championed by President Obama last year. [DN]

"Ultimately, I believe the fate of this repeal effort will hinge on the content and the quality of the replacement bill," Gibson said in a statement read on the House floor. Check out the video here.

Gibson, who made "repeal and replacement" of the health policy a focal point of his campaign, will join Gillibrand and Sen. Schumer traveling with the President to Schenectady tomorrow.


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