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Thursday, February 17

Front page: Public broadcasters speak out on proposed cuts, Committee to Save New York challenged on disclosures

Good morning!

Local executives of publicly funded media are speaking out on the Congressional proposal to cut their funding. [Srtgn]

Borders books on Broadway will close in the coming weeks, adding to the list of vacant spaces on Broadway (with neato map!). [Srtgn]

Criminal charges will not be filed against recently resigned Saratoga Springs Police officer Patrick Arpei. [Srtgn]

In Albany; groups are challenging the Committee to Save New York's lobbying application because they did not disclose ties to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. [LoHud]

Have New York's political advertisements reached a "boiling point"? [TU/CapCon]

A new poll shows public support for Cuomo's property tax cap proposal. [AP]

The Gov.'s Medicaid Redesign Team has two weeks to submit a spending plan. [IthacaJo]


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