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Tuesday, March 22

Front page: Tedisco calls for enhanced animal cruelty measures, chip-fab planned for Albany

Good morning! Sorry for the late posts recently, I'm still getting over the DST shift.

Assmblymn Tedisco pushes for enhanced animal cruelty prevention measures as a Schenectady man is charged with starving three cats, two that died. [Srtgn]

The Malta Planning Board have given GlobalFoundries conditional approval to being construction of their planned 221,000-square-foot administrative building at the Luther Forest Tech Park. [PstStr]

In other chip-fab news, a new manufacturing facility at SUNY Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering was announced by Gov. Cuomo yesterday. [CapCon]

Legislators walked away from the table yesterday before resolving disagreements with Cuomo's plan to take control of $130 million in capital spending funds. [TU]

The operators of Indian Point nuclear energy plant say some regulatory changes are expected as the crisis in Japan continues. [NYT, USA Today]

Upstate lawmakers introduce a bill to ask voters whether or not New York should be separated into two states. [Gannett]

The state Senate approved a ban of legal psychedelic drug salvia. Check out the Daily News' Irving DeJohn, who I worked with while he was an editor at the Albany Student Press, copping some "salv" and toking on the street. Grooovy... [DN]


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