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Tuesday, July 19

Same-Sex marriage in the Spa City

The city has not received many calls about same-sex marriage licenses according to Saratoga Springs Accounts Commissioner John Franck— that is, not many from people other than the media.
The commissioner said numerous calls have come from local media, as well as larger outlets like the New York Times, asking if any same-sex marriage couples had requested licenses and whether the city planned to open City Hall Sunday— the day the law takes effect— to issue the licenses.
"Since we have not received any calls requesting it, we will not be open July 24 to issue marriage licenses," he said. To date, Franck said he has only received two calls from private citizens, and they were general questions, not inquiries about Sunday and because City Hall would not typically be open Sunday, the 24th would be no exception.
"We are going to have a large demand, but we have not had any demand for (July 24)," he said.
In other cities like Albany and New York, the city clerks have been so inundated with requests for the licenses they are holding lotteries to see who can get legally wed Sunday and who will have to wait.
During the same City Council meeting Tuesday, Franck explained the new forms issued by the state.
"The changes are very minor," the commissioner evaluated.
On the current forms, there is a specific half for the Bride and Groom's information. On the new forms, both sides simply say "Bride/Groom/Spouse." They each have a spot to put the sex, but it is an optional addition.
Similarly, the original form has a spot that asks for each spouses' father and mother. The new form states: "Father or parent," and "Mother or parent," and where it used to ask for the "Signature of the Groom" and that of the "bride," now it just says" "Signature."

Here are the new and current documents with the changes circled by Franck:

Saratoga Springs Marriage License Forms

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

By allowing alternative couples to marry by no means redefines marriage.

Therefore, Bride and Groom is still applicable. Perhaps if the couple can not agree on their titles and/or roles (Bride or Groom) they should not marry in the first place.

July 20, 2011 at 11:24 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, there you have it.
All nice and neat, and tied up with a pretty little bow.
Marriage equality is here, so what is next on our plate for political correctness?
What a joke.

July 20, 2011 at 5:43 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What bothers me is that it is not required to state your sex on the form. This form can be used as proof of identity. What next? Will we have the option on our drivers license Male,Female or Take a Guess? Will our birth certifiacate say none of your business?

July 23, 2011 at 10:08 AM 

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