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Tuesday, November 8

Election Night 2011

DEM 10:18 "Everybody, join us at the bar for champagne!" announced Thilo Ullmann, city Democratic Party chair.
"Thank you all for the support you've given me over the past few months - it's been fantastic. Now the real hard work starts, we're going to do very good things for the city of Saratoga Springs," Madigan addresses the crowd.

DEM 10:09
Madigan wins by a landslide. "I worked really hard for this, I'm so excited and I plan to do great things for this city." Mathiesen an upset in a win for public safety.

DEM 9:56
"Mom YOU WON!!" called Michele Madigan's son (enter. Cheers erupting as Dems pull ahead across the board. "Oh my god, my heart is racing," said another woman. Candidates hugging - absentee ballots foreshadowing big things for the Saratoga Springs Dems. Could this be the night they take back the city?

GOP 9:52
"This is horrible," one woman said. One tied-in Republican floated rumors of skullduggery on the part of one candidate. A rumor I have heard elsewhere in the last few days. I'll report it if I can confirm it. More on that later. For now, it doesn't look good for the men-in-red. Mayor up, others down. Ivins significantly so. "It all depends on what happens in districts 20 and 17," one said, hoping for the best.

DEM 9:51
Spotted: Two Dem ladies sneaking back with frozen martinis after crossing the street for a visit to the Holiday Inn bar...

DEM 9:45
"This is so exciting!" Heard round the board from energetic Dems. Lots of celebrating, but tensions are still high. One woman is smiling and biting her nails at the same time. Michele Madigan's husband getting boisterous.

GOP 9:41
With every district they put up on the big board, more Republicans walk away dejected. "This isn't good," said one as the numbers for Wirth continued to slip and the numbers for Madigan pulled away from Ivins. Lots of worried faces.

DEM 9:37
Screaming ladies (and gents) celebrate as Wilkes looks pretty darn good in district 2...

DEM 9:33
Madigan is the lady of the hour over here - just barely below Ivins in district 25. The Wilkes-Johnson race is neck and neck. Hearing some boo's from the crowd... Wish I could see the projection screen from this corner of the room.

DEM 9:29
Cheers rising from the crowd over here by the projector. Looking good so far...

GOP 9:25
Well it's a mixed bag for the few districts reporting now. "This isn't good," said one woman in the GOP crowd. Early reports show Johnson ahead by about 44 votes. Wirth and Ivins, though, are not doing so great. Still, it's early.

GOP 9:23
Everyone is gathering at the projector. I'll update with unofficial numbers soon.

DEM 9:18 p.m.
"M-A-D-I-G-A-N, that spells Madigan, Madigan," a spontaneous song erupts in support of Michele Madigan, up for Commissioner of Finance.
The room is filling up quick. Wilkes, staying true to his open government policy, is mingling, answering questions and enjoying himself despite being "a little bit anxious."

GOP 9 p.m.
And pens down! Polls are closed.
Also, according to GOP chair Jasper Nolan, Skidmore, district 24, had 40 votes as of a few hours ago. "I talked to them around 3 and they had 9 votes cast. They only come out for the national elections."

GOP 8:53
The room is slowly filling with politicians and supporters alike. The bar is working with two tenders and dishing out drinks as fast as they can. Meanwhile tech-savvy GOP members are setting up for poll closing with a projector to post results.

8:53 p.m.
Wilkes enters the room to a round of applause. His drink of choice? Red wine.

8:52 p.m.
Lauren Carpenter reports the crowd of Republicans at the Vista restaurant in Clifton Park is growing as polls are about to close. GOP chairman Brian Telesh and incumbent Town Clerk Pat O'Donnell just arrived.

8:33 p.m.
Good evening fellow patriots. Happy election day from the Inn at Saratoga. People just starting to gather in the ballroom (after stopping at the bar, of course). Plenty of blue and yellow Wilkes signs decorating the walls.

8:25 p.m.
Jim Tedisco just entered the room carrying a Mayor Johnson sign on a six-foot pole. Things are getting rolling.

8:20 p.m.
Well it's here again folks. Time to choose your elected officials. At this point most people should have voted and according to reports one Republican heard it will be a good year for voter turnout.
Finance Commissioner Kenneth Ivins Jr. said he heard it may be as high as 50 percent-- something he believes will help the Republicans.

Stay tuned for election coverage throughout the night. We have reporter Suzanna Lourie at the Democratic headquarters and Lucian McCarty at the Republicans'.

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