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Wednesday, February 5

....And we're back.

Well, I'm back.

After spending a third of a year vacationing in the warm heart of the Midwest (Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri) I'm back at the City Desk for coverage of all things Saratoga Springs. (And I brought such wonderful weather with me too.)

I'm still getting back into my reporting shoes here — still don't have my phone back and I may be using this computer against company policy — but I'm reacquainting myself to the civilian world and the world of news all at the same time.

I'll be back up to speed here in no time though and will be relearning to type — but now with Army Strong fingers!

So for anyone who wants to catch up or feed me some juicy tips about what has happened since I left, my number is 584-4242 ext. 221, I'm on Twitter @SaratogianCDesk and my e-mail address is still

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