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Saturday, February 21

Double header

Sorry for the confusion over the past few days, my colleague Stephen seems to have got a little overzealous in usurping my blog for his own devious purposes. I'm back in control... for now. We'll see what Stephen cooks up to post here on Monday...

In any event, the city will see an unusual amount of activity on Wednesday evening.

As usual, the planning board will meet at 7 p.m. to tackle a full slate of items, which -- as of now, before their agenda meeting -- includes a proposal for affordable housing behind the Ballston Ave. Price Chopper AND the Hospital's proposal to expand its PUD AND the ongoing Beaver Pond Village application.

Meanwhile, starting at 6 p.m. and likely lasting well past the start of the Planning Board meeting, the City Council will be meeting in the 3rd floor music hall to discuss both a proposal to lease space in the city's West Side firehouse, as a possible revenue-generator for the city, and to continue talks on paid parking and the development of the High Rock parking lot. An email I received from City Hall on Friday specified that while the council's workshop is open to the public, the council will NOT be taking public comment at the meeting.

On a procedural note, my schedule is changing, effective immediately. I will now be working Monday to Friday most weeks, but on every third week I'll work Tuesday-Saturday. I will make it my continued mission to post here on every day that I'm in the office, but since those days are going to be changing from week-to-week, there has never been a better time to subscribe by clicking here, that way you'll never miss a post, even as my schedule changes.


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