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Friday, March 27

Strange happenings

I man claiming to be named George Miller, who said he works in the snack industry in New York City just called me, apparently to shoot the political shit.

Although Miller claimed to have no affiliation with any political body other than being a registered republican, he seemed keen on pressing upon me the idea that upstate voters ought to give Tedisco a chance.

What, exactly, he thought call me would do to help, I'm not sure. It would be one thing if he were complaining (as some have) that my reporting on the race is biased against Tedisco, but he wasn't saying that at all. Rather, he said that my stories have been very balanced.

Thanks, George!

However, George and many reader should look forward to The Saratogian's endorsement of one of the candidates, which will be in Sunday's news section.

Happy weekend!


Anonymous John Tedder said...

Scott Murphy will support President Obama. Tedisco won't. Tedisco will vote with the rest of the Republicans in the House of Representatives against change and against Obama.

This is a no brainer, if you ask me. If you voted for Gillibrand and you want to support the president, you should vote for Murphy.

Republicans want to spend the stimulus money, but they don't want to vote for it. Shameful behavior if you ask me. Couldn't a few of them stand up to Rush Limbaugh and vote for the stimulus?

March 28, 2009 at 1:52 PM 

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