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Monday, July 26

Civil Service Commission releases memos and docs related to building permits (or a lack therof)

As you may have read, Mayor Johnson and the Civil Service Commission are in a bit of a pickle over what to do about issuing building permits without a building inspector. The following are documents provided to me by Civil Service Commission Secretary Patsy Berrigan documenting the correspondence between Johnson and the commission regarding the disputed job descriptions. The first three pages are a time line compiled by Berrigan.

Saratoga Springs building inspector documents

What do you think? Is Johnson in the wrong here, or is Civil Service flexing enough muscle to suggest ulterior motives?

I'll be back tomorrow with comment on this situation, and some answers to rec. center questions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Johnson and Sutton have been engaged in this type of conduct since coming into office in 2008.

And it is not the first or second or even third time they have tried to circumvent Civil Service Law. It's only the first time that there actions have been made public.

Johnson held an illegal "executive session" to vote on appropriating several $100 thousand to pay the fine fine levied on the City for the DPW garage oil spill. Sutton badgered and intimidated Mary Jane Pelzer to the point of making her ill.

Johnson has authorized several $100 thousand so far in fees for outside attorneys to handle relatively mundane matters that the city attorney should take care of routinely.

Johnson threatens if he does not get his way. Just ask the former building inspector and administrator of parks. In fact, if you spoke to these people they could turn over stacks of material - including memorandum from Sutton and Johnson - demonstrating their abuse of office.

The City Attorney - appointed and protected by Johnson - throws things at a member of the City Council and gets away with it.

Even Tuesday's "executive session" were probably in violation of the Open Meetings Law.

Of course the other members of the Council have to date lacked the courage to stop these abuses and that is why we need a new government and a true system of checks and balances.

July 28, 2010 at 8:11 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest if you are going to make these types of accusations you better have documentation or you may be facing legal action.

July 28, 2010 at 3:02 PM 

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