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Friday, August 27

Goode says she's a "real Democrat"

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Ran into Gail Goode — who is challenging Kirsten Gillibrand for her Senate seat in the Democratic primary — in Congress Park Friday afternoon. She is in town for the weekend and will be shaking hands at the Tom Petty concert Friday and at the Travers Saturday.
"I think it's very important that people know that 45,000 people put me on the ballot," she said, contrasting that with the "one person" — Gov. David Paterson — who put Gillibrand in her seat to replace Hillary Clinton.
"I think it's very important for New Yorkers to know that I'm a real Democrat," Goode said. She takes issue with Gillibrand's stance on gun control, which is not as tough as hers.
"My mother never shot the Thanksgiving turkey," she said, adding that she is "always pro-gun control."
Goode worked as a trial lawyer and as an assistant district attorney in NYC.
Though she is a "born and bred city girl," Goode said she can relate to the issues faced by upstate New Yorkers. She cited her experience working for John Deere in Iowa when she was fresh out of college, owning a house in rural Greenport, Long Island, and her mother's childhood on a farm as putting her in touch with "farm issues."
"I like open, clean air," she said.

— By Emily Donohue

Almost forgot, Goode said she's not much of a gambler, but is looking at the Nick Zito-trained Ice Box in tomorrow's Travers.


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