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Tuesday, January 4

Front page: Scirocco on the issues, and the charter fight goes on

Good morning!

Check out part three of my interviews with city officials on the recent past and near future of city government. Today, Public Works Commissioner Anthony "Skip" Scirocco talks paid parking, open meetings, and the importance of engineering.

In the headlines; as residents urged for a return to negotiations with the city, the Saratoga Springs City School District approved a $20,000 contract for snow removal at the East and West Side Rec. Fields. [Srtgn]

Town of Saratoga Supervisor Thomas N. Wood III took his oath of office Monday to become chairman of the County Board. [Srtgn]

A new lawsuit has been filed by Saratoga Citizen against the city after their second round of submitted signatures was also not certified. [TU/SS]

'First Grrlfriend' Sandra Lee was in Latham yesterday at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. [Record]

Her main squeeze, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will take a voluntary 5 percent pay cut. [WXXI]

A new report from good-government groups shows the 2010 campaigns raised $246 million in funds for candidates. [TU]

Senate Republicans removed a security station placed in front of their offices. [TU]

See you all at tonight's City Council meeting at 7 p.m.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Donges...go take a tour of the inside of the water works on excelsior ave...third world...are you being paid to protect this dummy? Mctygue had volunters run the carousel,why are we now paying people to do it? Why is the water works in the condition it's in..these are some of the questions your newspaper should be asking

January 4, 2011 at 9:35 AM 
Blogger Speaking-of-Saratoga said...

As the City’s legal bills soar through the Togasphere, I take issue with Commissioner Franck’s finger-pointing when he says- "But I always remind people that we didn’t sue them. They sued us."

That’s more than a mouthful. I supported the Commissioner’s decision to remove himself from approving/rejecting a Charter Change which could impact his job. Much like a recusal, he had no other choice than to entrust others with the question of "certification."

Unfortunately, any sound legal/ethical conduct went out the window when the combined Council ordered the outside law firm to come up with ANY means to SAVE the current Charter… and to save THEIR jobs. They encouraged any legal argument, no matter how frivolous, unfounded, foolish… ANY challenge, dignity be danmed.

The City got what they asked for- A Ridiculous Rejection of the Petition of The People. And that's HOW the City’s Legal Lackeys FORCED Saratoga Citizen to act… or as Franck says– "They sued us."

That’s disingenuous… and so far, the Judge says so. When City Hacks "challenged" petitions saying they weren’t properly bound, the Judge said binding clips were acceptable, peachy, and NO GROUND for rejection.

Team Hack’s next waste of legal fees was to deny the Petition because some "8″s look like "B"s. The Judge has yet to rule on the burning legal issue of penmanship. Saratoga Citizen… and the citizens who signed… they will win. Again.

Finally, the City Hacks challenged signers may have moved to a new address within the City. For their efforts to disenfranchise over a hundred citizens, perhaps a dozen will be invalidated by a fair and Honorable Judge.

But Commissioner Franck is dead-to-right when he says "It’s going to be some money." Yes. And after the Petition(s) are BOTH validated by the Court, as the legal bills come due, the entire City Council will have some explaining to do.

-Kyle York
Have They No Shame?

January 4, 2011 at 11:14 AM 

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