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Thursday, January 20

Lillian's Lot on Planning Board agenda, City Hall ceiling creates stairwell hazard

It looks like the Mayor wasn't kidding when he said the city owned parking lot between Lillian's and Cantina is "absolutely" going to sell this year.

The eighth and final item on the draft agenda for the Jan. 26 meeting of the city Planning Board reads, "420 Broadway, (Lillian's Parking Lot), 420 Broadway, site plan review for mixed use building in the Transect-6 district."

Think of it not as losing a parking lot, but as gaining a building. Look for an update on this after the board's preliminary meeting on Monday afternoon.

Speaking of buildings, an email posted to the doors of the back "perp walk" stairwell of City Hall says employees should avoid the corridor due to chunks of ceiling falling from overhead.

The note is dated Jan. 18 and addressed to city public safety officials, who use the stairway to bring prisoners up and down during court appearances.

Written by city Public Safety Director Marilyn Rivers, she instructs, "Whenever possible, please use the front stairways or elevator to access the second floor of City Hall."

The email cites the difficulty of working on the roof to repair the problem due to weather, and adds that DPW, "will be working to remedy the situation as effectively as they can given the circumstances."


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