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Thursday, July 28

(Updated July 29 at 1:38 p.m.) Johnny Luc's and Club Shadow may be changing hands

The property which has been the center of a whirlwind of controversy over the last month may be up for sale.
According to a manager of Philly's Bar and Grill in Latham, that bar's owner, Rocky Patel, is currently in talks to purchase Johnny Luc's and the former Club Shadow which sits above it from its owner John A. Lucarelli, Jr.
"He is still making arrangements and agreements," said the manager who asked not to be identified.
Details are sparse, but according to the manager the talks may be wrapped up as early as this weekend (July 30).
More details will emerge as we follow this story.
We have feelers out to Patel and Lucarelli, though I don't expect a call back from the latter. To date I have never received a call from him despite leaving messages with numerous people who work for him (including his son), leaving a business card with all of my contact info with a bartender at Johnny Luc's who assured me he would see the owner later that night and messages on his home answering machine.


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