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Tuesday, November 29

Saratoga Springs Republicans stayed at home... maybe

County GOP Committee Chairman Jasper Nolan thinks the city election went south for Republicans because their constituents just didn't show up.

He said early reports he has seen indicate 1,000 fewer Republicans made the trip to the polls than in 2009.

"It was a tough year in some respects," he said.

He said some of the problem might have been an "overconfidence" in the Republican's seats in office.

But he suspects one of the biggest things that cost the city Republicans their elections was a feeling of "anyone but incumbents," in voters. "People wanted a change."

Next week after the final numbers are released on campaign expenses I'll be putting together a story about how much each candidate spent.

At this point it looks like it was an election on the cheap. In 2009 Mayor Scott Johnson spent about $50,000 for his seat at the city council table. This year, the figure is less than half of that.

No TV and no radio ads.

Paraphrasing what he said just before the election, Johnson said if he thought the election were going to be close he would have sprung for the TV and radio but he didn't want to spend money "unnecessarily."

The night of the election, too, Johnson was confident.

I don't think he or many others -- at least in the Republican camp -- thought it was going to be as close as it was.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very simply. The Democrats had a better cohesive ground game and the Republicans with the exception of Ivins were overconfident and was the Committee. Not to mention some democratic candidates had Republican support as well while the Mayor had Democratic support.

December 11, 2011 at 8:10 AM 

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