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Tuesday, February 14

see Click FIXED 2.0

Just talked to Public Safety Commissioner Christian Mathiesen and he's got news that will make Glenmore Avenue and West Circular Street residents' hearts go a-pitter-pat.

Recently a number of residents of those roads complained to about inconsiderate drivers using their road to cut through to avoid the light at West and Grand avenues, something they said created a lot more traffic than the small residential streets should be expected to endure.

Well, they have a friend in City Hall. Mathiesen told me Tuesday that they will be making the section of Glenmore Avenue between West Circular Street and Grand Avenue a one-way street, heading the opposite direction than people using it as a shortcut would take.

"We think this will be a solution to the problem," Mathiesen said. "We'll put it up on a temporary basis and see how it works."

That will prevent people going down West Circular Street from taking a right onto Glenmore Avenue, thereby shooting any hoped-for shortcut in the foot.

So put take that SeeClickFix commenter PD, who told residents “Too bad. We are not going to stop any time soon. Deal with it!”

Turns out, you're wrong PD.

Another little addition I neglected in the first article were the comments of Saratoga Springs Police Traffic Safety Sgt. Andrew Prestigiacomo, who said speed bumps are not used in the city for speed reduction. He said he would assign a speed detail to the area.

"It's a well-known short-cut to Grand Avenue," he said Friday. He said the city would not restrict access to the road because its a public street.

Of course, one can argue Mathiesen's plan will not restrict access per se, but rather just redefine the kind of access.

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