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Thursday, February 2

John Franck is not running for the Assembly

At least according to Franck.

I heard rumor of he and another Saratoga Springs Democrat eying the potential new Assembly seat that will represent Saratoga Springs, the 113th currently held by Tony Jordan, R-Jackson.

Franck, though, told me he heard the same rumors, but they aren't true.

"I was at a union event the other day and someone came up and congratulated me on running," he said, but that was the first he heard of it.

Since then he said he has received calls from constituents and media alike asking about it, but he said it's not in his plan.

"I'm not even sure if the 113th will exist," he said, citing the veto threats from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the general legislative process in New York that can — as most know — drag on.

But Franck also said he has business, city and family commitments that mean running for a higher office is not in the cards right now.

"At this point in time I would say I am not going to run for any office but commissioner of accounts," he said. "My eyes are always open for anything, but my heart is in Saratoga Springs."

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