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Wednesday, November 30

Saratogians can't get enough taxes...

While adopting the budget Tuesday night at the City Council meeting, Finance Commissioner Ken Ivins Jr. laughed that it was the first time in a "long, long time," that he was going to see his property taxes actually go down.

But it seems, in actuality, they won't.

Not because of the city, as is traditionally the case, but rather because of a tax increase at the county that is likely to happen - the first county tax increase in eight years.

Read Michael Cignoli's preview about the public hearing, which he said he hears will be lively, in The Saratogian tomorrow (Dec. 1) or go see for yourself at the public hearing at 5:30 p.m. at the county offices.

It's a little funny, actually. The comprehensive budget originally proposed at the city had a .54 percent increase - which would mean an $8 increase in taxes on a $200,000 house. Now city residents are looking at a $8 decrease in their city taxes.

But-- and here is the (sort of) funny part -- the first year in recent memory that taxes are going down in the city, the county manages to erase that and residents still end up with an $8 increase on a $200,000 home.

Saratogians just can't win.

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