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Thursday, July 5

Come on, it's right after a holiday

So I'm sorry that there isn't a whole lot to this blog post. I was incommunicado near the Canadian border over the holiday so I'm still playing catch-up, but it seems entirely appropriate, given this particular holiday, to plug a blog from none other than Captain America.

Here it is at

The Cap'n looks like he/she has been blogging since June 12 and already there are some unseemly pictures and posts, but isn't that what people want anyway... I'm looking at you Saratoga in Decline.

In fact, it seems this anonymous blogger has a particular predilection for jabs at John Tighe's aforementioned blog (and him too).

Seems to be an avid reader of The Saratogian, given the number of mentions its gotten in the past month, so I can't argue with his/her taste (I don't want a bunch of comments about that either, public). Also seems to like Michele Madigan and dislike Mayor Scott Johnson, but that's just guessing based on content.

Anyway, check it out Saratoga and of course, let's keep it classy — speaking of which, I'm going to mention straight away that both of those blogs may include adult-oriented language and/or pictures.

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