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Wednesday, September 26

Oh, right, politics...

There was no shortage of Matt Doheny supporters at the debate hosted by the Adirondack Area Chamber of Commerce Tuesday night in Queensbury between he and Bill Owens. Standing along the road leading to the event and filling the auditorium, they seemed to outnumber Owens supporters by a significant margin.

At the same time, it seemed the Doheny camp had more of its organization there, as well. I was offered several stickers and the signs everyone had were all the same (possibly mass-produced).

Either way, though, they were in full-force.

I wish I had my flip camera at the Doheny v. Owens debate as I was caught in the middle of a debate myself. This one was between supporters on each side (of my head and the issue or the Affordable Healthcare Act), both of whom thought their opinions were relevant enough to shout directly at me/each other.

The guy in front of me kept shouting random flippant remarks every time Doheny made some statement he considered false. ("You're a liar!" "Have you even read (Obamacare)!? All 4,000 pages of it?!")

The guy behind me, on the other hand, shouted periodically about Owens, but mostly gave encouragement to his man ("You tell them Matt!" "Repeal it!").

Then the two turned on each other. "Shut up you nit-wit!" the Doheny supporter shouted at the Owens man.

"That's me" the Owens man shouted back. "I've read it, have you!?"

Then, of course, there was Green Party candidate Don Hassig, whose Love the Earth, Protect the Earth, Change Everything platform was... interesting.

I like his ideas about free healthcare, free education, a cleaner environment and jobs for everyone, but I don't know if he's put together the logistics of how to get there yet. Pull out of the World Trade Organization, he said, would "make everything good" but I don't know if that's getting us all the way there.

And I have to gripe to someone about it so it may as well be you: Why was this guy in the forum?

He had to ask for clarification on a question about specific legislation and then changed his answer halfway through his response.

I'm all for open government and, in fact, I think the two-party system is fundamentally flawed (but a direct result of the Constitution i.e. the system of first-past-the-post voting, so we're kind of stuck with it), but to me it seemed like a distraction and a waste of everyone's time.

Mostly, I was upset because he took away from time we could have been hearing from the future congressional representative... one of the two men who were sitting to his right.


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