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Friday, August 3

Has anyone seen these dogs?

Evidently, they were stolen from a van up by the Water's Edge condos by Saratoga Lake. The owner, Elinor Penna, was visiting the City Center's Antique Show over last weekend and left them in her van, which she left unlocked, (she admits it was not the best decision).

The dogs are apparently more than 160 years old and worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,300 (to who, I don't know).

She also lost two Chanel bags and a small antique house which are again worth some money.

Police said there has been a rash of car break-ins throughout the city and this was apparently a part of those. More on that in the paper later.

"Break-in" though, is a pretty strong word for what's been happening, since all of the vehicles have been unlocked.

Penna said somewhere between 10 and 20 people had their vehicles pilfered at the Water's Edge condos alone.

Police are urging everyone to take precautions.

Saratoga Springs is a pretty safe place, but lock your doors. Otherwise, your dogs might go missing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Saratoga Springs Police Department at 584-1800 or anonymously at 584-TIPS.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are these the pewter ones at the Casino? Just kidding

August 3, 2012 at 5:22 PM 
Blogger Lucian said...

That joke was tossed around the newsroom too.
Two pewter dogs were stolen from the Canfield Casino perhaps 70 years ago, which may have prompted the owners to take the two that are there now inside.
I think this is some sort of serial dog-statue-napper who just doesn't get many opportunities to abscond with the statues he loves so much.

August 4, 2012 at 1:11 PM 

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