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Thursday, July 26

Some people pay more than the ticket price

The Saratoga Springs Courtroom was packed Thursday morning when I went to see what happened with Melody Holiday, the woman accused of stealing money from a children's soccer program.

While her case was adjourned to a later date and her attorney offered no comment (glad I waited an hour and a half), I wasn't bored (most of the time).

All of the arrests from SPAC concerts over the past month or paraded up in front of the judge to have their various drug and disorderly conduct charges pleaded down, adjourned in contemplation of dismissal and put off until they could get a lawyer.

One man went before the judge inexplicably carrying what appeared to be the plastic box for a Disney VHS.

Judge Jeffery Wait looked at the dates of his charges — two unlawful possession of marijuana charges and one underage possession of alcohol charge — and asked "which concerts were those?" The man answered: Phish and Brad Paisley.

"You have an interesting taste in music," Wait replied.

The man was representing himself and asked the ADA for an offer, which he made: Plead guilty to one UPM, the other will be dismissed and the underage alcohol charge will be ACOD'd. The man accepted (after a little confusion).

"Are you planning on attending any other concerts?" Wait asked him, to which the man gave a non-committal answer about considering an upcoming show.

The judge told him he may want to reconsider. "You're not very lucky," he said.

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