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Thursday, September 27

Statements about the news of the day

Statements were being crafted and released all morning/early afternoon about Roy McDonald dropping out of the race for the 43rd Senate District. If you are interested, I'm sure you've read all of these quotes before in every paper, but here are the statements in their entirety:

Statement from Roy McDonald
Will Not Actively Campaign on Independence Party Line
After discussing the issue with family, friends, campaign staff and trusted advisors, I’ve decided that I will not actively campaign in the General Election on the Independence Party line.
I want to thank all my supporters that have stood by me over the years, and everyone that voted in the Primary. Thank you to Senator Skelos for his leadership in the Republican Conference and for his faith in me through an appointment as the Chairman of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee. I also want to send a special thank you to the Independence Party leadership for their help and support.
Thank you to Governor Cuomo for his outstanding support, and for the great job he’s done for the citizens of New York State. He has my respect and friendship.
Moving forward, I will be supporting all Republican candidates – including Kathy Marchione – in the General Election, because I believe maintaining the Republican Majority in the New York State Senate will continue to positively change state government. It is important to recognize the need for checks and balances in our democracy, which can only be assured by a multi-party system.
This decision was made through significant reflection. I am very proud of my time in public service. Standing up for the communities I represented was always my first priority. I have been a Senator for all people.
As Wilton Town Supervisor, I had the opportunity to eliminate taxes and establish real economic development to help local families. Serving as a Saratoga County Supervisor, I authored the first county budget that cut taxes by twenty-five percent and made Saratoga the lowest taxed county in New York State.
It was humbling to be elected to serve our local communities in the state legislature as a member of the Assembly and Senate. I worked to extend our local success in Wilton and Saratoga County through bi-partisan partnerships and creative problem solving.
But my proudest accomplishments were helping to pass legislation that directly benefitted people. Patriot Plans I, II and III helped New York National Guard and Reserve veterans obtain the benefits they earned serving our country. We also started a pilot program to help returning combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) get the peer-to-peer counseling they need.  
The Saratoga-Washington on the Hudson Partnership was established to promote the historic significance and agricultural importance of this region. I was also honored to sponsor legislation that brought GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Saratoga County; this project is creating thousands of jobs along with numerous spin-off opportunities for new businesses.
The hallmark of a great society is protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and the Senate Republican Majority over the past two years allowed me to focus on an issue that has real significance in my life and increasing importance to families in New York State. As Chairman of the Senate Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee, helping individuals with disabilities and standing up for their rights came to the forefront.
First, we passed autism insurance legislation that required health insurance providers to ensure diagnosis and treatment coverage for families that have a loved one persevering with autism. Before this legislation became law, coverage was routinely denied for autism.  Next, after an investigative report outlined unacceptable abuse taking place in developmental disabilities group homes, I sponsored legislation and partnered with Governor Cuomo to pass the Protection of People with Special Needs Act. This legislation created a process for abuse to be reported and investigated so that people are protected and criminals are adequately prosecuted.
I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to gain a new perspective on life, thanks to my two grandsons David and Jacob. Their achievements in overcoming a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum are truly inspiring. Regardless of where I am in life, I will continue advocating for people with special disabilities and working to help individuals and their families facing what always appear to be insurmountable circumstances – but with help and working together, I have learned they are not.
Led by Senator Skelos, the Senate Republicans accomplished much in the past two years. Late budgets were once a sign of Albany dysfunction, but two on-time budgets that closed multi-billion dollar budget gaps without raising taxes or fees demonstrated a desire to turn things around. In addition, we cut taxes for middle class families to their lowest levels in 58 years.
I want to thank my family for their love, support and for allowing me to share my time with the public while in office. My accomplishments are theirs because nothing would have been possible without their understanding of missed dance recitals due to board meetings, my absence at the dinner table because of late night budget negotiations and much more. Thank you to my wonderful wife Angela, and great daughters Stephanie, Jessica and Julie, my fantastic sons-in-law Matthew, Jeff and Charles, along with my wonderful grandsons Jacob and David.
 I congratulate Roy McDonald on a hard-fought race and I appreciate his support.  He’s a good man who works tirelessly for our community. Roy and I have been friends for more than 20 years. The primary, and everything that came with it, is behind us, and I still count him as a friend.

I entered this race because New York faces serious problems, and this campaign is about fixing them. The corruption in Albany needs to be stopped. Our state government taxes too much, spends too much, regulates too much and borrows too much. I’m looking forward to spending the next six weeks meeting voters and sharing our ideas to lower spending, clean up Albany and get New York working again.
# #


"Recently, Senator Roy McDonald informed me of his decision to step aside rather than run an active third-party campaign for the 43rd Senate District seat.

"Roy's decision was a difficult one, but ultimately it was the right choice for his party and for this Senate district.  The last thing he or anyone wanted to do was to turn this upstate seat over to the New York City-dominated Senate Democrats, who raised taxes by $14 billion and shifted resources out of the Capital District when they were in the majority.

"Roy McDonald has had a long and storied career in service to his community, state and nation.  He did a year-long tour in Vietnam, transformed the Town of Wilton as Supervisor, and served admirably in both the Assembly and Senate.

"Throughout it all, he was a staunch advocate for vulnerable people and those with special needs, including his own grandchildren.

"Roy McDonald has also been a valuable part of the work we've done over the last two years to control spending and taxes, help the private sector create new jobs and bring New York back.  I consider him a friend and wish him well in the future.

"Senator Libous and I look forward to working with Roy and all of our members to assist the Republican nominee, Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione, in her efforts to get elected to the State Senate so we can keep moving this state forward."


 Statement from Robin Andrews,

Democratic Candidate, 43rd Senate District

“Whenever a public servant decides to step away to from public life, one has to respect the years of service he and his family have given and I certainly feel that way about Senator McDonald.”

“Today’s news gives the voters of the 43rd Senate District a very clear choice. Political affiliation aside, people do not want a representative who continues to look to the past, they want someone focused on looking to the future and working with Governor Cuomo to continue building the new New York. My 20+ years in the private sector working as a budget and planning consultant have given me the tools needed to find creative ways to ensure that
government is taking steps to encourage growth and job creation, not smother it. I think people understand that problems cannot be solved by continuing to throw money at them or by slashing their budgets. We need sound decision making by people qualified to make those decisions and I am confident that I am that person for the 43rd Senate District.”



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