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Tuesday, December 4

Snow Geese

While it may not be trending as one of our most popular stories of the day, the gaggle of Snow Geese certainly left quite an impression on Saratogians Monday.

Between the groups of people flocking (har har) to see them in the corn field across from the YMCA to those who followed their trek to Loughberry Lake, birders and non-birders alike were clamoring to get a glimpse. It seemed like every other call we got at the office was letting us know about the field of white feathers on West Avenue, and some people were exasperated in their descriptions.

I received an e-mail from a bird-enthusiast I thought I would share.

There seemed to be some debate about how common these geese are to our area. From what I understand, it isn't unusual for them to pass through the area, but it IS unusual for them to stop in the Spa City itself.

Kenny Barnett, who has a Facebook page called "Naturalist Guy", said he routinely sees them in the Argyle area on their way south for the winter. He seems to know his stuff (and I everything I know about Snow Geese was confined to that short article). The other bird expert I spoke to said they often fly at night, which is why people don't often see them around here.

Here's a video I shot at Loughberry Lake Monday night when the thousands of geese were resting on the water. You can't really make out much, but listen to those honks! The lake seemed to just amplify the din. 


Update: They were, indeed, on Loughberry Lake still today. I got a series of three pictures from Eric Green, who said he pulled over to catch a few photos when he was driving home but  as he was taking them, "something spooked them and they took off. It was a pretty amazing sight."

I'll say! Thanks for the photos!


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