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Monday, February 11

Blotter for Jan. 26 to Feb. 11

So obviously I haven't posted these in a while (my bad), so instead of going through every detail of the last two weeks blotters, I'm going to be much more selective with what I single out here in the blog.

Obviously anything that was newsworthy went into the newspaper. So this is all just what didn't raise to that level, but stuff that is interesting to see that the police deal with on a daily basis.

And here we go...

Jan. 26: Nothing to see here (at least in the blotter). Someone refused to pay their cab fare, until they did. Couple accidents. An electrical fire that was put down quickly.

Jan. 27: I was off that day. This blotter covered my birthday the day before and apparently a lot of people were celebrating by causing mayhem. 

One guy had two DIFFERENT stolen plates on his vehicle and a third inside. So that’s interesting.
About an hour later a male was arrested for being “possibly intoxicated” and stripping. He later smashed his head into a car window. He was taken to the ER. 

A little after midnight a woman “came inside (a) bar with (a) bloody face -  Unknown what happened.”

A person called police for their intoxicated son who was “in a snow bank, trying to walk home.”
Someone hit a lamp post, knocking it over and exposing wires on Union Avenue. They drove off before police got there. 

Also there were a lot of reports of people refusing to leave places while intoxicated and at least two instances of refusing to pay cab fares.

Jan. 28: 2:14 p.m.: Welfare check for female who hasn’t been heard since last night.

2:48 p.m.: Officer advises subject was sleeping. No problem.
No place for late sleepers.
That is all.

Jan. 29: Bank robbery.
Call from someone who advised that her ex-roommate took her car 3 MONTHS AGO for repairs and has not yet returned it.

Jan. 30

Caller advises male in a blue jacket with a brown “knapsack” (whatever that is) standing in the middle of the street waving down cars. Officers advise he is trying to hail a cab.

Jan. 31

Man too drunk to ride his bike. He eventually fell on his head and needed to an ambulance. Wonder if he had insurance…

Feb. 1 A lot of weather-related calls. Wires down, trees down, etc.

Feb. 2

Welfare check on male subject talking to himself. Subject sent on his way.
A fax machine kept calling 911. Paper Jam!
Domestics and a couple minor MVAs as well.

Feb. 3
Random Saturday night problems: Man on some type of narcotic; “unwanted intoxicated male” (is there any other kind?); subject refusing to pay fare for taxi; the usual.

Feb. 4
Not much going on: Hitch-hiker, minor MVAs, overdose.

Feb. 5
Reports of homeless living in a tent in the woods. Contacted park police. Unattended death of a 57-year-old woman on South Federal (could be Stonequist). Nothing suspicious.

Feb. 6
A few things that made the paper: Counterfeit $10 bill, paint-balled houses.
Also a report of an “accidental” 911 call, but on further investigation the dispatcher found there was a history of domestic disputes at the house and sent a police car anyway. They found an “unwanted guest” who was moved along. Kudos to the dispatchers; it’s good to see they are on their toes. They could have prevented something much worse.  

Feb. 7:
Caller reports prescription drugs stolen;
There was also a call of a car into a pole. The driver and his female passenger allegedly fled the scene. Police found the man at Trotters after pinging his phone. She was intoxicated, police say he was not. Saratoga Springs Police Lt. John Catone said he was only issued traffic tickets, including leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

Feb. 8
Male intoxicated sitting in the middle of the sidewalk on Railroad Place. Transported to ER. A few domestics and fights as well.

Feb. 9
Nothing to see here.

Feb. 10
Also nothing to see here.

Feb. 11
Kids on a rooftop on Congress Street throwing snowballs at people. Damn kids. Police got there and turned them over to their parents.
A woman reports getting pushed out of a vehicle on the side of the road. She doesn’t know who they were because she just met them tonight. Moral of the story: Don’t ride in cars with strangers.

Blotter 021113 by lmccarty2656

Whew... and we're through them. I'll try to keep up on posting them more regularly.

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