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Thursday, January 17

Police blotter for Jan. 17

Not much going on in the police blotter other than what was reported in the Police Blotter. 

A woman reported at about 2 Wednesday afternoon that her dog had been bitten by a skunk. This resulted in a lot of questions in our news room as to when skunks bite: before or after spraying? No answers in the blotter, though. They referred her to a vet. 

Drive thru visitors at the McDonalds on South Broadway got more than fries with their orders Wednesday night. According to the blotter, McDonalds has been having an “ongoing problem” with two individuals in a red SUV who harass the drive-thru window throwing snowballs. I don’t know if it was at the window or at the customers. Either way, the police will have a no-trespass order on them in the near future.

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