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Monday, January 14

Weekend Blotters

Pretty calm weekend as far as the blotters are concerned. No mention at all of the crowds by the City Center, but then again the blotter is an indication of calls made to the police and the police were already at the City Center.

Blotter released Saturday: 

I don’t know if it was an officer or a civilian who was chasing a mental health patient on Granite Street on Friday at around 11:14 a.m. Either way they got the patient.

There were a handful of reports on intoxicated individuals doing random things: harassing people at the Laundromat, sitting on the ground, passing out but refusing medical attention, yelling in the roadway; the usual.

There were also a couple DWIs, including one hit-and-run on Church Street.

Blotter released Sunday:

An off-duty State Trooper followed someone suspicious on North Broadway at about 1:16 p.m. (I wonder if it was near the gun show). The male eventually consented to a mental health transport.
In another mental-health issue, a white male apparently left Four Winds and the police had to track him down Saturday afternoon.

A wallet was found on Caroline Street and returned to its owner. I like writing that, since I constantly lose things and like to think mine would be returned if I lost it.

Of course one call later, a woman reported her purse stolen on Caroline Street. She was transported to Ash Street. The next day someone found a pocketbook (do people still call it that?) in a trash can on Lafayette Street. It was turned in to police and then transported to someone on Phila Street. I don’t know if it was the same one.

And the blotter released Monday:

Sunday there were a few interesting items found around the city, in addition to the purse in a trash can.

There are also two reports of people finding bags of “suspicious material.” In one case, on Broadway, it specifies that it might be narcotics. In the other case, later on Division Street, it is not any more specific than “suspicious.”

On Madison Avenue, a kid in a blue jacket threw a snowball at a car and the driver followed him. No indication on how that turned out.

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