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Friday, March 1

New SSHA Board

I've been meaning to post something on Accounts Commissioner John Franck's intention to wipe the board clean at the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority since he mentioned it last week to me. Well, the City Council agenda reminded me, since the first item on his agenda at Tuesday's city council is a resolution urging the mayor to do just that.

The full resolution is below, and a story should be posted soon.

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Anonymous sanolan said...

Should happen with all speed

March 5, 2013 at 9:07 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never happen. As usual Commissioner Franck was in fine form attcking and interviewing people in the audience. he should have been gaveled down but knew madigan would not do it.The criteria is very clear for removing a member and a complete board if necessary. He just wanted his attention for the evening and than quickly turned on his fellow Democrat Commissioner Matthieson when he sliced and diced up the proposal like a surgeon. Now the pampered Franck decided to finall unveil that EMS was not what the state they are and he and Madigan requested a five year plan while they denied a reduction in rent for Empire Ambulance because they can't survive the SSFD taking 90% of the calls. The interesting fact is neither can the FF's who are working 24/7 to please their tyrant Chief Williams A good percenetage of the troops are not happy as are the Investigator Division that is being separated from it's own department. The most sensible and much less expensive move would have been to move DPS upstairs and just go through the wall and double the Police Station by taking the DPS office and adding to the Police Station. It does have soundproof rooms for interviewing purposes and has been remodeled twice. It is the psople's building and historical as well. Watch out what you remove or tamper with. Common sense just doesn't seem to previal in politics. Wonder if the EMS fantasy would have ever been addressed if Mattieson voted YES??

March 15, 2013 at 6:13 AM 

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