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Thursday, February 6

Bog Meadow

To me, it actually sounds like the kind of place where you wouldn’t want to drink the water, but what do I know about hydrology?

Not much, apparently, since the project to put three new wells there as supplemental sources of the city’s water are moving forward this year.

There was a presentation on it at Tuesday’s City Council meeting (So very sorry I missed that), but it was apparently the same one I saw last year outlining the project. In sum, it will cost about $1 per gallon-a-day of added capacity to the city’s water system and since it has a $1.5 million price tag, you can do the math easily.

 In all, the project will bring the capacity of the city up to 9 million gallons a day, which is good because that is what the Department of Health is requiring of the city to expand its capacity. Right now it candeliver 8 million gallons of water a day, according to City Engineer Tim Wales.

That comes from the previous iteration of this Bog Meadow presentation when former Public Works Director Bill McTygue repeatedly interruptedPublic Works Commissioner Anthony “Skip” Scirocco’s presentation by grumbling “WRONG!” 

This time I understand he was also in the audience and also had some words with Scirocco, but I wasn’t there to witness it.

 Anyway, Bog Meadow needs to be done and supplying water to the city by June to satisfy the Department of Health and Scirocco said it is an “aggressive schedule” but doesn’t foresee any problem meeting the deadline.

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Blogger spetoga said...

Glad to have you back, Lucien.
The McTygue duo also brought up the fact that the water study of Loughberry Lake is many years old and that the capacity is surely diminished.
Talk about waiting til the last minute to satisfy the Health Dept requirements..... And having to amend the City budget to cover the costs....and it just so happens Bog Meadow will supply just enough water to meet those Health Dept numbers.
And of course we have the county bonding 10 million to "fix" the county's water. But that's a whole other mess.

February 7, 2014 at 9:16 PM 

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