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Wednesday, November 12

Mouzon House owners launch video documenting gov't inaction

The son of the Mouzon House owners, Aaron Pedinotti, had launched a YouTube channel anticipating the start of development of the City Center parking garage.
Pedinotti and his parents, Dianne and Dave have attended numerous public meetings expressing concerns for the plans for the five story, 511-space structure that would loom over their restaurant and potentially put them out of business.
The Mouzon House is known for its lush outdoor gardens and sanctuary-like dining experience.  
Aaron Pedinotti said in his video he plans to document the progress of construction every day, noting noise disturbances, traffic problems etc.
He said he also plans to document interviews held with independent urban planners and designers to document and support the "inaction from city government" and generate further support for their opposition. 
“Once the garage is built, I intend to use my footage as the basis for a documentary about the consequences of city government inaction in the face of poor urban planning,” he said. 
The Pedinotti's launched a petition and collected over 300 signatures supporting opposition, presented at a joint meeting to the Planning Board and the Design Review Commission in September. 
Other residents have also started a petition with over 250 signatures which can be viewed here. 

You can view Aaron Pedinotti's first video here. The city Planning Board meets tonight (Wednesday) and continue its environmental review process for the project, which was truncated at their last meeting that ran close to midnight. 


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