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Friday, September 26

Sheriff's Office clears pistol permit backlog, 400 permits now approved

SARATOGA COUNTY -- Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo (R,I) today, announced that his office has
cleared the backlog of pistol permit applications that has flooded the Sheriff's Office since the
implementation of the New York State SAFE Act.
Zurlo said his office has processed close to 400 permits since January 1, 2014.
"With stricter laws in place and hundreds of residents waiting for their application to be processed, we
needed to find new strategies to help alleviate a backlog of pistol permits," said Sheriff Zurlo. "By
partnering with local sportsmen clubs and professionally certified instructors, we are now able to offer
additional safety courses throughout the county for those who are interested. This allows our staff
to process permits more expeditiously."
"When I took office back in January, I asked my staff to review the pistol permit application process. We were able to streamline and speed-up the process for those law-abiding citizens who submitted
applications and we are happy to do so," Zurlo added.
The Saratoga County Sheriff's Office is responsible for processing permit applications, providing pistol
safety courses and conducting background investigations. Those interested in obtaining a pistol permit
can find more information by visiting the Sheriff Office website:
With a population of roughly 224,000, Saratoga County has close to 20,000 pistol permit holders in the county.


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