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Friday, September 5

17th Comp Plan meeting scheduled for Monday

The Comprehensive Plan committee will meet on Monday, Sept. 8 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the city recreation center.

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for future development within the city combining input from the public, professional consultants, and members of the committee. A committee was established and appointed by the City Council to assist in the construction of the finalized plan. The committee has met 16 times and makes continued revisions to the current plan, adopted in 2001, revised in 2007 without adoption and will eventually complete a finished plan.

In early August, a draft of the plan was made public and this meeting will serve to collect comment and for the committee members to present their findings after their month of review. 

Many residents have been vocal about multiple elements in the planning process so far, and they say they plan to continue those outcries on Monday. 

They are concerned specifically with proposed increased density in neighborhoods near West Circular and Elm Street, special interest zoning that they feel might intrude residential neighborhoods and potential additions of multi-family homes in their neighborhoods. 

To view a live steam for Monday's meeting and the draft comp plan visits

-Lauren Mineau 


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