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Saturday, March 15

The unsurprising breakdown of North Country voter enrollment and Where's the Woolf?

I've been looking a lot at the history of the 21st Congressional District and its unusual status as a battleground district.

Seems that may have been a short-lived status for the district, based on enrollment data and the particulars of previous elections.

I produced some graphs, one of which will appear in the article about the district's evolution and this one, which wasn't too remarkable so we left it out.


It shows the numbers of voters enlisted in each party as of November every year since 1995 (as far back as the state Board of Election's website kept it for).

The bars fluctuate but the percentage of each party's share of the total enrolled electorate really don't. Dems stay at around 29 percent and the Republicans went down from 44 percent to 42 percent over that period. 

Green party is on the graph, if you couldn't see it. 

On the fundraising side of the race, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says Aaron Woolf is among their "Emerging Races" in their Red-to-Blue Program, designed to raise money nationally for congressional races in tough districts for them. 

As it says of the Red-to-Blue candidates: "These candidates have earned a spot on Red to Blue by surpassing aggressive fundraising, organization and infrastructure goals."

On the website, the DCCC allows you to contribute to Red-to-Blue races at the click of a button and split it among its 16 Red-to-Blue candidates or contribute to just one of them.

It also gives you the same option for 11 out of 12 of its "Emerging Races" candidates. 

The one left out? Aaron Woolf. 

Perhaps an oversight?

I've got an e-mail out to the DCCC to ask about it. I attached the screen shot. I'll update if/when I hear back. 


Well I hear it was just a technical glitch and should get cleared up... but as of Tuesday evening it's still cutting him out of the contribution page. 

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