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Saturday, March 15

As if there were any doubt...

James A. Murphy III was expected to be the endorsed Republican candidate since he announced his run for County Court Judge on Valentines Day.

Today the Saratoga County GOP Committee made it official, unanimously voting to support him.

Saratoga County District Attorney Jim Murphy received the unanimous endorsement of the Saratoga County Republican County Committee this morning to be the candidate for Saratoga County Court Judge on the Republican line on the ballot this November.  After having appeared before most of the 19 towns and 2 city committees in the county,  the full committee vote was the last step in securing the Republican line for the election this fall. 

Saratoga County Republican Chair John Herrick will be issuing a release later today,  and took the vote just before noon.  The nomination was made by attorney Diane Freestone who recognized Murphy for his integrity, honesty and hard work and seconded by his wife Laurie, a long time committee member.  The Committee congratulated Murphy on his 27 years of service in the DA's Office citing to a number of high profile cases which he has prosecuted.  He has appeared on NBC’s most highly rated morning program, The Today Show for the prosecution of a controversial and complicated manslaughter case and on Dateline NBC in a two hour Dateline Special entitled “The Man Behind the Mask” for his prosecution of a notorious kidnapper who attempted to abduct a high school track star.  Recently he successfully convicted Dennis Drue who killed two Shenendehowah students and injured two others in an DWI and drugged driving crash of 48 felonies resulting in a lengthy prison sentence. 

In accepting the nomination DA Murphy said "I am honored and humbled to have received the endorsement of the Saratoga County Republican Party to be their candidate for Saratoga County Court Judge.  I will work hard to earn the votes of all the county residents. If I'm fortunate enough to be elected, I will work hard everyday, as a dedicated public servant, to make sure that justice is served for all parties who come before me. A person's individual liberty is a basic constitutional right and one that I will safeguard with care and vigor."

Judge Jerry Scarano turns 70 this year and his term ends, so an election is scheduled for this November after 20 years of his presiding on the bench. 


The question still remains as to who will take Murphy's spot, but several people have confirmed their intentions to pursue the DA's office this year. 

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