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Monday, September 8

Sheriff's office to start issuing daily arrest reports

The Saratoga County Sheriff's office announced today that going forward, they will release daily reports with arrests made and a log of all service calls for the agency each day.

They will continue to issue more extensive releases for significant events, but will no longer maintain a physical press book at the Milton station. 

Previously, many press releases were issued to the media on a regular basis, but reporters often had to visit the office directly and view additional releases from a binder.

This will save many of us members of the media a trip to Milton each week, so this news is certainly welcome here. 

‚ÄúPart of our commitment to our residents is to ensure that they have access to up-to-date, accurate information about their communities. The use of social media and collaboration with our media partners has allowed us to further our commitment," Sheriff Michael Zurlo said in a press release. 

The agency will continue its already active social media presence, according to the press release. The Saratoga Sheriff's Office has a Twitter page, Facebook and website

--Lauren Mineau 


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