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Monday, June 15

Political robo calls begin

Political season is beginning to heat up in Saratoga Springs. Some in the city received robocalls over the weekend. The call asked people who they favored in city elections and statewide elections too, like the Governor's race and Presidential election. 

Thanks to NYSNYS news reporter Kyle Hughes for sending this along. The call asks voters to press numbers if they find various candidates "favorable" or "unfavorable" mayoral candidates Democratic incumbent mayor Joanne Yepsen or Republican candidate John Safford, incumbent Democratic finance commissioner Michele Madigan or Republican candidate Ken Ivins. 
There was no question regarding the public safety election, which will likely include a Democratic primary between former city attorney Sarah Burger and current commissioner Chris Mathiesen. Republican Rick Wirth has also announced he will run for the position. 

The call also asked people if they supported the City Center parking garage project and the expansion plans at both the Saratoga Race Course and Saratoga National Golf Club.

Here's the audio.

Anyone else get one of these calls? 


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