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Tuesday, March 3

Opening statements

First question: What policies would you support to make health care and health insurance more affordable and accessible.

Murphy: Small business faces this challenge everyday. One of the main ways to solve is to get into group buying plans with local chambers of commerce or other organizations. He would support Obama's plan to open the health plans that Congressional members have; don't take away choices they already had, but open up new groups. Will increase buying efficiency and reduce costs.

Would also increase the technology to drive costs down and increase efficiency.

Must also fight for lower prescription costs down; bring in from Canada and make it safe and legal so people can safely purchase prescription drugs.

Tedisco: Health care is a right, not a privilege. 48 million NYers without health care. Must join on state and federal levels, such as with Child Health Plus.

The real answer: Provide associate pooling. Let different individuals come together statewide and nationally to purchase individual health accounts. Should make hospitals print error rates so consumers can compare services. This would also help diminish liabilities and lawsuits.

Open up prescription drug purchases to the international market to drive down costs and allow municipalities to buy in bulk.


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