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Tuesday, March 3

Question: How do oil companies, who are big contributors to campaigns, affect your thinking?

Murphy: No oil companies in his campaign. Future is moving to green jobs and tech. Excited for Obama's plans, because a lot of those jobs and tech is going to be based in upstate NY. Money must be spend on smart cars and smart energy grids that can transmit energy from wind and solar in other parts of the country to big cities.

Takes his first real shot at Tedisco, saying he hopes

Tedisco: Doesn't need to talk about what he could do, can talk about what he HAS done. Has implemented a statewide alternative fuel fund that supports the exploration of cellulose ethanol, etc. Has provided grants and incentives to buy alternate-fuel vehicles. People who control oil are not our best friends. Must move toward alternative fuels and hopes to take state initiatives to the federal level.


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