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Tuesday, November 3

Just got our first updates from the field: First reports

Receiving our first reports from the field now.

First up from Emily Donohue at the GOP gathering in the Holiday Inn:

Ben Potoker, a founding member of the Upstate Conservative Coalition is raffling off the "Heritage Guide to the Constitution" at a booth he has set up there. His is a seven-month-old organization based in Saratoga that meets monthly to discuss local and national issues.

"Me and my boss got tired of just complaining to each other," Potoker said of the group's founding. They have officially endorsed Finance candidate KennethIvins, their only offical endorsement. Looking for new volunteers and expand their role in the 2010 election.

Emily also talked to mayoral candidate Scott Johnson's mother, who is confident her son will win, because "...he's so highly intelligent and he uses his head." She added, "He reasons and he weighs things, and he's always done that since he was a little boy." Awww!

For what it's worth though, my mom would throw that kind of support behind me if I was running for office, too.

I think.

Emily also spoke with Saratoga County Sheriff Jim Bowen, who admitted he's nervous. "You're always nervous when you run."

"I run the department everyday for the people, and that's what I run on," Bowen said. "It's up to the people to make the decisions."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bowen runs it for the "people" ?? Like that seized Corvette that his neice bought...

November 3, 2009 at 9:21 PM 

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