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Friday, May 21

Here's the poop from Broadway

Steve here, with breaking news from the scene on Broadway?

City reporter Patrick H. Donges  was enjoying a meal about 20 minutes ago (on his day off) in Putnam Market when he saw a Great Dane stroll by and relieve himself on the sidewalk. Apparently it's a very significant amount of relief - the kind that doesn't run into the street, if you catch my meaning.

Anyhow, he called the police and they said they'd notify the DPW. By the time he called the newsroom moments ago to report this (I'm still not sure why), the matter was still unresolved and people were still having to detour a few steps around the matter to go about their business (pun fully intended).

Patrick didn't mention anything about the person walking the Great Dane (and apparently being neglectful in cleanup).

What do you think? Further proof that downtown Saratoga Springs is going to the dogs, as this letter writer asserts?

Thursday, May 20

Mayor: PBA contract on special council meeting agenda

At the handing over of the keys of the new SSPD multi-use room today, I asked Mayor Johnson what was going on with the speical session of the City Council discussed Tuesday evening.

Along with votes on what to do with the Lillian's lot and a public safety overtime schedule for special events, Johnson said he would be presenting a new contract with the PBA.

While he couldn't discuss specifics of the contract, the meeting has been tentatively set for 10 a.m. this Monday, May 24.

This will likely be confirmed in a story today or tomorrow, stay tuned!

SSPD "multi-use room" opens today

As announced by Comm. Wirth at Tuesday's council meeting, a new "multi-use room" will open for use by the Saratoga Springs Police Department at 11 a.m. today in Jefferson Terrace.

The room, a former polling station, was donated by the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority. It has been equipped with video surveillance monitors, to view camera activity at the terrace, and can be used for training and interviews.

According to Wirth, the room will not be staffed full-time and suspects will still have to be brought to the station at 5 Lake Ave for booking and detainment.

A couple of points brought up at the meeting:

Comm. Ivins asked if there were cameras in the room to tape interviews. Wirth said there are not at this point, but they could be installed.

At Monday's agenda meeting, Mayor Johnson asked about using the room to monitor activity outside the new indoor rec center, which is a stone's throw away from the terrace. Wirth said he would look into making that possible.

Tuesday, May 18

In other council business...

In addition to a presentation on Accounts Comm. Franck's proposal to bump last call back two hours at city establishments for most of the year and DPW Comm. Scirocco's discussion of plans for the closed parking lot next to Lillian's, here are a few more interesting agenda items for tonight's meeting.

On Finance Comm. Ivin's agenda, the council will vote on an amendment to the 2010 bond resolution.

On Public Safety Comm. Wirth's agenda, the commissioner will announce updated figures on overtime pay savings and parking ticket revenue. Monday he said the department had brought in over $92,000 from parking tickets between March 22 and April 11.

Also during Wirth's agenda, the council will vote on whether or not to fill four vacant public safety positions; an office supervisor, senior account clerk, and two dispatchers. The vote is persuant to rules adopted this year that require the council to approve the funding of vacant positions.

See you at 7!