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Thursday, September 23

Front Page: 09.23.10

Hello! Here are my top stories of the day.


Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani endorsed fellow Republican Chris Gibson for Congress at an event in Schodack yesterday. [The Record]

Bob Rybak and Jennifer Jensen Bergan will both have two lines on Nov.'s ballot for family court judge. [TU-Saratoga Seen]

41 members of the Bloods street gang have been arraigned in Albany for charges ranging from drug distribution to attempted murder. [AP, The Record]

A town of Saratoga couple has been asked to take down a wind turbine installed on their property near Saratoga Lake. [Gazette]


Rundown of opinions on why Rep. candidate Paladino has shortened the gap between already hailed Dem. Andrew Cuomo in the NY gubernatorial race. [The Atlantic]

Analysis on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's "shocking" comment that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is the "hottest member." [The Week]

President Obama paused while making remarks in Manhattan to ask AIDS activists to stop heckling him, promised funding would be cut by a Republican controlled Congress. [Reuters]

New health care policy adopted as part of the reform package passed earlier this year goes into effect today. [NY Times]

Watch what you're searching for: federal requests for information from Google are on the rise. [Wired via Slatest]

The California Beer & Beverage Distributors and the brewers of Sierra Nevada are spending money on anti-marijuana legalization campaigns. [Huff Post via Slatest]

Joaquin Phoenix was back on Letterman last night, over a year after he was roasted by the host for appearing dazed, confused and unshaven as his character in mockumentary I'm Still Here. [Hollywood Reporter]

And for all the Saratoga Springs dog lovers (and haters), a story from the Washington Post about the appropriateness of dogs in public.

Enjoy! I'll be back this afternoon with updates from the inbox.


Anonymous tom lewis said...

I hope you use the same format every day. It makes it very easy for people to scan the page and click on articles of interest.

September 23, 2010 at 1:30 PM 

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