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Wednesday, November 3

At the bar with the Congressman-elect and the City Council's memo mixup

Last night was quite a night for local Republicans. The party faithful saw two longtime public servants, Sen. Roy McDonald and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, successfully defend their seats. And, of course, they put Kinderhook native (and rock star for a night) Chris Gibson in Congress.

I just happened to catch up with the Congressman-elect at Gaffney's around 1 a.m., where he joined his campaign organizers for a post-election drink. He had one glass of what appeared to be red wine; sources could not confirm what varietal.

Thanks to Chris Fitz Gerald of the Troy Record for coming out to assist with coverage at the Holiday Inn last night.

Over at City Hall, the council held a special meeting at 10:30 this morning to approve three spending warrants, an item that is usually done without discussion as part of the consent agenda at regularly scheduled meetings.

According to commissioners Scirocco, Wirth and Ivins, who I spoke to at last night's GOP event, not all the council members got copies of the warrants for approval.

Scirocco and Wirth both said they had not seen the warrants before Monday's meeting.

I'm assuming at this point that they were passed this morning unceremoniously, more on this later today.


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