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Wednesday, November 3

The scene from the Gideon Putnam (12:40 am)

Mareesa Nicosia and Lucian McCarty here, live blogging from the Democratic headquarters at the historic Gideon Putnam hotel in Saratoga Springs.

12:40: Aaand, we're out. Thanks for reading. Goodnight.

12:38: Addendum: Murphy apparently picked up the bar tab for the rest of the night after his speech. "Please stick around. Congressman Murphy has opened the bar. If someone would like a drink he would like to thank you all," Bulman said.

11:56: People are dispersing here and all but one TV camera has been taken down. A few dozen people are sticking around talking over music, which is reminiscent of that at a middle school dance. Murphy, with drink in hand, is still here speaking with people.

11:45: Murphy: "There is still a lot of work to be done. We'll see what the future holds. I don't have any plans at this moment. Stay involved. Stay active. " He said he hoped his supporters would "continue to stay involved in the discussion; in the dialogue, and continue to be part of the solution."

Murphy said he spoke to his opponent Chris Gibson before delivering his speech. "I always knew it would be a close election because we had a credible opponent."

He thanked the groups that supported him such as labor groups, the Independence Party, and Working Families. Murphy said he will continue to stay active in public life, though he did not know what capacity. "If you had asked me an hour ago I would have said as a congressman."

11:18: The mood at Democratic Headquarters has taken a somber slip. Even before the three back-to-back concession speeches, many people around the room slouched in their chairs with their drinks in hand waiting for the speeches they knew were coming. Yepsen thanked her supporters and brought much of her staff and family onstage. "I have no regrets," she told one voter as they embraced before her speech. "Now I have a personal life."
Now the remaining supporters in the room (perhaps half as many as there were an hour ago) are standing anxiously awaiting the speech none of them wanted to hear Scott Murphy deliver.

10:55: It's pretty quiet here with the Democrats. No candidates have appeared, and the enthusiasm that was evident about an hour ago has definitely faded. Rob Rydak says, "I'm not conceding, but these numbers don't look like they're changing." Jennifer Jensen Bergan is up a few thousand votes.

10:32: Keramati's optimism seems to be slipping. He's talking about statistical possibilities, but currently it's 2:1 favoring his opponent, Tedisco.

10:30: Sorry for the lapse. Trying to round up candidate spokespeople here. Word on the street is Yepsen is in Rensselaer and might make appearance before 11 p.m. Murphy's spokesman says no comment until final results. We're waiting. Everyone is drinking, food gone from platters in hall.

9:38: Democrat Chris Coons was just announced to have won a senate seat in Delaware over Christine O'Donnell. A cheer went up in the crowd closest to the television.

9:35: At one table, a small group of people are set up, compiling results as they come in from various districts. Candidate for Saratoga County Family Court Robert Rybak hovered over the table, frequently on the phone. When asked how he felt about his chances, his response was simple: "I'll let you know in an hour."

9:29: Larry Bulman, chairman of the Saratoga County Democratic Committee, says Yepsen and Murphy have been out making phone calls up until almost 9 p.m. Really? "We've had a lot of people on the street."

Local Dems' chances: "I feel good about it."
Is it a close race here, for Yepsen and Murphy? "Every vote is gonna count in this election."

9:25: The mood here is optimistic. Jeff Partridge of the Saratoga Democratic Committee said he expects all of the local candidates to win "of course." But with the national results on a large screen in the corner, Partridge said he is not as optimistic about the national results. "We took a hit in the House, but we're holding the Senate," he said. "We're bleeding red here."

9:18: BK Keramati is milling about the crowd, talking with those on his campaign and those who support it. He said he feels good about tonight, regardless of the outcome. "I can't lose, no matter what happens," said the candidate for the 110th Assembly District. "We ran a great campaign. We had great volunteers and we got the message out."

9:10: no sign of Murphy, was expected to be here at 9, photog says.

9:03: CNN has called Gillibrand's win in NY. No surprise there.

8:59: Yepsen is said to be in building, we're hoping she makes appearance soon. Bartender said he hasn't sold many drinks so far, wonder if that bodes well or worse for the Dems here at the Gideon Putnam?

8:58: With only minutes until the polls close, men and women with red and white political buttons have begun to filter into the ballroom where candidates will eventually announce their victory or concede defeat.

8:29 p.m. The Gideon staff is setting up huge silver platters out in the hall, but their spread doesn't yet rival what the GOP folks have over at the Holiday Inn. Mmm. Can't wait to find out what is under those lids.

8:24 p.m.: Lucian and I are here at the historic Gideon Putnam hotel, playing the ol' hurry-up-and-wait game with other press and about a billion cameras all set up on a stage. Only four of the tables have people sitting at them.

Bunches of red, white and blue balloons adorn the stage, and "Scott Murphy for Congress" signs are plastered everywhere, on the tables, on the stage, on the podium.


Blogger Ben said...

This update is a total downer(the wonderful reporters are not to blame). What a disappointment for local democrats. At least Cuomo got elected or this state would be going down the tube.

November 2, 2010 at 11:55 PM 

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