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Tuesday, October 19

Great debates etc.

So, what'd you think of the debate last night?

As I just signed a lease I have to agree, the rent is too damn high.
Mr. McMillan might just get my vote.

I'm thinking that's really the only purpose last night's debate served — informing people about the fringe candidates and probably convincing some voters to lend their support to the little guys.

Tonight's debate, however, I'm hoping will be a little more illuminating. Murphy and Gibson will debate at Glens Falls High School at 7 p.m. tonight. We're sending reporter Paul Post to the event. This debate, unlike the debate scheduled for Thursday in Troy, will not be broadcast live. Bummer.

What do you want to hear from the candidates tonight?

In other news...

This caught my eye on twitter this morning, remember all the fun we had discussing Ken Ivins' paid parking proposal last winter/spring? According to Slate,
To quote reporter Tom Vanderbilt:

Three-quarters of a century on, several things are clear. The first is that parking meters, a seemingly mundane fact of the urban landscape, remain as fraught and controversial as when they were first installed. And secondly, the time has finally come for a sweeping rethink of the parking meter—in part because of changes in technology, and in part because of an emerging change in the way we think about parking in cities.

Have I opened any old paid parking wounds? Sorry.

In other news...

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch will be in Albany tomorrow to speak at a fundraiser for Jennifer Whalen, candidate for the 109th Assembly district.

Whalen, and her opponent Robert Reilly, will also participate in one of the League of Women Voters' candidate forums Oct. 25. Also at that forum, Saratoga County Family Court Judge candidate Jennifer Jensen Bergan and Robert Rybak.

Disappointingly, the LWV says that "questions from the audience will not be allowed due to the confidential and sensitive nature of the office [of family court judge]."

In light of yesterday's abrupt resignation of Judge Gil Abramson, and the rumors that have swirled around him in recent months, I think a lot of people would have questions for these candidates.


Blogger NOW. HERE. THIS. said...


Your writing is delightful and your sense of humor is refreshing. It seems that the City Council doings are not your beat so PLEASE don't take this personally.

The parking issue has inspired MANY fine journalists like "reporter Tom Vanderbilt" to recognize the reality of changing technology. ALL PROPOSALS submitted to the City employed modern technology, not one meter-on-a-pole to be seen.

EARLY in the heated debate, the SARATOGIAN was utterly and shamefully irresponsible in their failure to inform the public about the new technology with ONE simple photo/graphic.

As the debate raged here on these very blogs, individuals repeated the fear-mongering about old-fashioned eyesore meters. I was among those who tried to use words to explain the REALITY of the technology.

ONE simple photo would have told the story and served the public. The debate could then focus on cost, fairness, fine collection... ANYTHING except the ugliness of old meters, nonsense LONG-GONE and dismissed.

When the final week came, the city was wallpapered with mass-produced posters showing an ugly old meter and the public was VERY afraid. The fear bore down on City Hall SO fiercely that Commissioner Ivins canceled the ONE Public Hearing.

I had modern meters for that ONE night, huge real photos of real towns... and I had the experts the SARATOGIAN never sought. And I had the journalists from towns that went through the process and their reporting on how the Paid system fared.

But your paper chose not to seek any experts (aside from one reference to Glens Falls). But ONE simple image of the REAL TECHNOLOGY, the machines maybe coming to our streets... that was a non-partisan FACT that would have advanced the dialogue.

Hey, old news. Enough.

Seems like the 8.45% tax increase isn't goin' down too well in a City too short on revenue.

-Kyle York
Rent is Too Danm High!

October 19, 2010 at 11:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

City Budget thought of the day.

Finance is proposing to budget a $391,508 revenue for "County Surplus" next year. There is no such revenue.

This year he budgeted the same amount but, of course, the County never distributed any surplus.

October 20, 2010 at 2:11 PM 

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