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Monday, October 11

Front Page: 10.11.10 - Paladino on homosexuality and Clinton rallies for NY reps

Happy Columbus Day! Who still gets today off? School kids? Kids today, they don't know how good they've got it.

Here is a nice wrap of recently introduced local municipal budgets, and what they mean for your taxes and essential services. [The Record]

And here are a few election profiles: Assemblyman James Tedisco and BK Keramati in the 110th Assembly District, and Sen. Hugh Farley and Susan Savage in the 44th Senate District. [Saratogian]

Former President Bill Clinton will be in upstate NY today for some campaign stops, none in our neck of the woods. [TU/Cap Con]

Republicans are hopeful that Carl Paladino's "taking out the trash" message can help them win back the NYS Senate. [TU]

Speaking of Paladino, he had some choice words about homosexual voters during a speech yesterday in front of Orthodox Jewish leaders. Video here. [AP, Daily News/Daily Politics]

And in the category of "awful crimes people should be locked in a cage for having committed," the Estherville Animal Shelter in Greenfield was robbed last weekend. [Post-Star/Saratoga Snippets, TU/Saratoga Seen]

Rep. Scott Murphy and Saratoga County Family Court candidate Bob Rybak are in for interviews today. Post your questions here!


Blogger demroc said...

i'm glad you covered the, paladino comments, pat. what a tool this guy is.

October 11, 2010 at 12:01 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting story on local budgets.

Saratoga Springs Comm. of Finance is seeking the highest property tax increase among regional cities.

Why? Well Mayor Johnson budgeted revenues for 2010 that never materialized. The sale of a Broadway parking lot, etc. So Ivins and Johnson have a self created $2.8 million 2010 budget deficit.

Ivins' proposed 2011 budget is interesting reading. He proposes to eliminate all emergency dispatching personnel but create an entirely new, $40,000 plus, job in his department. THEN THERE IS THE MATTER OF HIS "REVENUE" BUDGET.

Seems he's budgeted a "non-existent" $400,000 revenue in the form of "county surplus." Odd. The County hasn't distributed any surplus in a long time.

Then there are the State revenues that have been received (or will be soon) but he does not show them. What happened to that money.

The Council better find out. And fast.

October 11, 2010 at 2:57 PM 

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