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Monday, October 4

Updates from the inbox: 10.04.10 - Call for questions for Yepsen and Gibson and THE BUDGET IS ALMOST HERE!

Before the start of city budget season sweeps in like an autumn breeze (that blows away any hopes you had of lower taxes), here is the latest.

Here is some light reading for the hours before tomorrow night's City Council meeting, when Commissioner of Finance Ken Ivins Jr. will present his 2011 Comprehensive Budget.

When I knocked on the door at around 3:30 p.m., Deputy Kate Jarosh said they were still working on it. Ivins has called the 2o11 budget his "toughest" to date. [Saratogian]

Carl Paladino is riding the wave of his recent spat with NY Post editor Fred Dicker in a statement this morning.

"This campaign is not about my family - its not about divorces or affairs. It's about who has a plan to restore prosperity and economic growth to New York State," he said.

Paladino told Dicker he would "take him out" after he was asked if he had evidence for statements made alleging Andrew Cuomo had "paramours" while married to now ex-wife Kerry Kennedy. [Politico]

In a Syracuse Post-Standard article (sent from the NY Democratic Campaign Committee), a Syracuse University professor refutes Paladino's retelling of an event that he said occurred on the campus in the wake of the 1970 Kent State shootings.

In NY-20: Scott Murphy released a statement on a "big announcement" to be made at a Catskill VFW post tomorrow at the first meeting of his new "Vets for Murphy" group. No word yet on what the announcement is.

Chris Gibson will be at a veteran's rally tonight at the Walton Veteran’s Club until 7 p.m.

Stay tuned for videos from today's editorial board meetings with State Assembly candidate BK Keramati and incumbent State Sen. Hugh Farley.

Tomorrow, Saratoga Springs Supervisor and State Senate candidate Joanne Yepsen and Congressional NY-20 Republican challenger Chris Gibson will be on the hot seat.

Get your questions in sooner than later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A big issue with our government seems to be patronage. How about taking a ride out to the town offices in Wilton, getting a copy of the complaint against SSPD officer Patrick Arpey, and asking Yepsen how she feels about the SSPD's reluctance to address this issue. The claims in the complaint are DISGUSTING, and show an abuse of police power that shouldn't be tolerated. Check them out yourself. Yepsen says she wants to change the way government is being done, why doesn't she change this?

October 5, 2010 at 9:38 AM 

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