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Wednesday, September 29

Updates from the inbox: 9.29.10 - Cuomo comes out swinging

In a flurry of emails today, The NY Democratic Committee called out Paladino via two news articles; one describing brushes with the law and political misconduct by his top campaign advisers and another based on a poll in which nearly half participants said Paladino is unfit to be governor. [NY Times, Daily News]

In a statement, Dem Comm Chair Jay Jacobs called for immediate firing of the four staffers, calling their "checkered pasts" a "slap in the face" to New Yorkers.

"Paladino should be associating himself with people with the highest ethical values – not aides who don’t pay their taxes, have been indicted on felony fraud charges, convicted of drunk driving, or linked with billion-dollar pay-to-play scandals," the statement reads.

Paladino received the Conservative Party endorsement today. [Buffalo News]

Spent about a half-hour this morning with Ass. Jim Tedisco in conversation about the upcoming election. Video from the meeting will be posted here shortly.

In NY-20: Chris Gibson was endorsed by Northeast Small Business Group Inc., a bi-partisan small business association with ties to 200 businesses in the district. They cited Obama's health care reform, which was voted for by Rep. Scott Murphy, as being a burden on small business.

Gibson has said he will work to "repeal and replace" the health policy if elected, a position that also earned him the endorsement of Saratoga Springs Mayor Scott Johnson. [Saratogian]

Rumor has it Gibson is hosting a $1,000 per plate fundraiser at Saratoga National Golf Club tomorrow night. City charter reformers Saratoga Citizen are partying it up there tonight with a cocktail reception fundraiser.

Scott Murphy issued two statements today, the first of which announced he will host a Saturday morning military academy informational session at Shen High School. Really kids, who needs cartoons and sugary cereal when you could be hearing about all the fun you can have doing drills between classes.

The second statement was reaction to the passage of the James Zadroga 9-11 Health and Compensation Act, which provides funding for a health initiative to monitor and treat responders and community residents for health conditions related to the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center.

"It should not have taken this long for us to provide health care for those brave first responders and workers that risked their lives during the aftermath of 9/11. By covering the more than 50,000 responders and survivors, we continue our commitment to protect those that protect us," he said.

Finally, congrats to Thilo Ullmann on his reelection as chair of the Saraotga Springs Democratic Committee. He told me last night at the charter reform forum he hopes to "energize" the Dems in town in time for the election.


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