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Wednesday, September 29

Front page: 09.29.10

Good morning charter changers and change haters! Here are today's headlines.

Charter change group Saratoga Citizen and a local anti-Saratoga-Citizen advocate faced off at the library last night. The City Council was notably elsewhere. [Saratogian]

I've got a lot to say about this forum, but I'll keep it brief.

A note to all future forum/debate moderators, lay out the ground rules immediately, to everyone, and enforce them. I understand the content of the questions & answers is interesting and important, but there needs to be set, enforced times for both and a stated rebuttal time.

And to all future debate question askers, for the lovva Pete, keep them to two sentences. Statement, then question, that is all. Let the advocates defend themselves.

I'll take a cue from the City Council and save my comments on the proposed charter v. the current charter for another day.

A lot of NY-20 news:
Murphy and Gibson will debate Oct. 21 at the WMHT studio in Troy. [Saratogian]

Both candidates recieved an 'A' rating from the NRA, but Murphy recieved the endorsement, causing some confusion between a local NRA rep and the Gibson camp. [Saratogian]

In addition to running for Congress, Gibson ran five miles with a few fellow veterans yesterday as part of a cross-country memorial. The runner, Mike Ehredt, will make his way through Husdon Falls today. [Saratogian, Post Star]

Meanwhile, Gibson's campaign manager ran off to a new gig with the RNC. [TU/Cap Con]

Cuomo has also thrown off the gloves in the gubernatorial race, calling Paladino's agenda "extreme." [TU]

Reports say disgraced ex-Comptroller Alan Hevesi is nearing a guilty plea that would likely mean jail time. [Daily News/DP]

Ass. Jim Tedisco will be in the office this morning for an ed. board meeting. He has two challengers this Nov., Democrat BK Keramati and independent Mark Little.

Post your questions for the Assemblyman below, or, as always drop me a line; or 583-8729 ext. 219.


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