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Tuesday, September 28

Updates from the inbox: 9.28.10

NY-20: Murphy and Gibson will go mano-a-mano (or maybe escopeta-a-escopeta if the NRA has anything to say about it) on Oct. 21 on PBS. [Saratogian]

Gov. Paterson announced approval of more than $42 million in funding for 34 rail and port capital improvement projects in New York State.

I know I said it yesterday, but the gloves have definitely hit the mat in the gubernatorial race.

In a release today, Paladino said, "Hiring (Andrew) Cuomo to create jobs is like asking a ballet dancer to do brain surgery." Yikes.

In tech: Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, NYS Chief Information Officer and Director of the Officer for Technology announced New York was recognized as the fifth most tech-savvy state government in the nation. We went from #18 in 2007 to #5 in 2010.

And another day, another NYPIRG release, this time showing the campaign finance numbers on 118 candidates who just competed in statewide primaries. Check it out:

NYPIRG-$ Per Vote, Primaries 2010

Don't forget, tonight at 7 p.m., at the Saratoga Springs Public Library, there will be an educational forum/debate on the city charter change proposed by Saratoga Citizen. I'll see you there!


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